Frequently Asked Advertising Questions

How much traffic does get?
- In 2009 the site received 1.8 million page views from 750,000 visits by 240,000+ unique visitors. Traffic has been growing at 50% a year for the past 4 years*.

Where does your traffic come from?
- Prior to 2009 we tried many things to get started including Google Adwords, distributing 150,000 printed Cape Cod beach maps, link exchanges and even 10 second TV spots on NECN. For 2009 we did nothing except tend to our site content. Roughly 30% of our traffic comes from MoreBeach regulars, people who visit our web cam and read our blogs daily and weekly. 70% comes from other websites and from searches on Google, Bing and elsewhere. MoreBeach has over 5,000 pages of beach-related content with photos and descriptions for nearly every beach from Long Island to Maine.

Who is a typical visitor to MoreBeach?
-'s content appeals to people from 8 to 80, boys, men, women and girls. The largest single group of visitors seems to be women with families aged 35-50. Our site is nice, safe and family friendly. We take steps to keep it that way by monitoring all comments and posts. We do not allow bad language, bad attitudes or (unfortunately for certain staff members) photographs of beach babes.

What search terms do you rank best on?
- It depends on the day and on the search engine and even on the time of day. Looking below the paid ads, Google has put us as high as #1 for terms such as "Cape Cod rental" "Cape Cod beach vacation" "Cape Cod beach hotel" "Cape Cod beaches" and "Cape Cod boat ramps." Today (12-28-09 between 6:30-7 pm) for the term "Cape Cod beach vacation" we rank #2 on Bing and #7 on Google; for "Coast Guard Beach" we're #2 on both Google and Bing; for "Cape Cod boat ramps" we're #1 on Google and #4 on Bing; for "Cape Cod beach rental" and "...hotel" we're on page two for both Bing and Google. For the very specific term "Baltik 9.5 inflatable" we rank #1 for both Google and Bing - our page with a review of a Baltik inflatable dinghy has been visited over 4,000 times. With over 5,000 pages we cover millions of search terms related to beach vacations and waterfront activities.

Are you active with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter?
- Yes. Here is our YouTube Channel and here is MoreBeach on Facebook. We've been playing with Twitter but have yet to fully engage with it.

What sponsorship opportunities are there?
- You can sponsor an individual page, a category of pages or the entire site. Contact Mike Marks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via tel: 508-255-5227 for details.

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*Google Analytics data.