Cape Cod Surfers Ride Nor'easter Waves to Innovation

Lined Jeans Re-Invented

Orleans, MA - November 26, 2013 – Winter surfing sessions inspired cold New England surfers to develop lined jeans that would be warmer, more comfortable and better looking than anything they could find. Now, after two years of effort, NOR’EASTER JEANS by N.E.SURF have been launched on NOR’EASTER JEANS combine stretchy denim with stretchy fleece so that the fabrics move together to enable a fit that is both less restrictive and tighter fitting than lined jeans made from conventional denim and flannel. N.E.SURF believes this is the first time anyone has combined two stretchy fabrics in lined jeans and has a patent pending on the technology. Recycled polyester is incorporated into both the denim and fleece and each pair of jeans is said to keep more than 25 plastic bottles out of landfills. NOR’EASTER JEANS are made in USA with Cone denim and Polartec® fleece.

NOR’EASTER JEANS are the brainchild of Cape Cod surfer/board shaper Shawn Vecchione and Cape Cod surfer/entrepreneur Mike Marks. They developed the new jeans because they saw a need. As Shawn recalls, “Lined jeans make winter enjoyable. But the ones I’d had were never warm enough and looked just ok.” They set the goal of making lined jeans that were warmer, better looking, 100% made in USA and earth friendly. Tasked with prototyping and sourcing the jeans, Mike contacted his brother Joel, an inventor with over 100 patents, for help. Together with Joel he developed the double stretch technology. The resulting product is a combination of style from Shawn Vecchione and innovation from the Marks brothers. “When I put on the first prototype I was stunned by how great they felt” says Mike. Shawn agrees, “these are by far the nicest, warmest, lined jeans I’ve ever worn,” and he refuses to take them off. The NOR’EASTER JEANS project runs on until December 19th 2013 at:

Many others are contributing to the NOR’EASTER JEANS project. Olaf Valli, web consultant and owner of SICKDAY in Wellfleet, re-developed the website to provide a foundation for product information and e-commerce. Chad Borke, a graphic designer and owner of Lulu Studio in Rhode Island, designed the buttons, rivets and labels along with all of the visuals that show the product. The Kickstarter video was shot and edited by Wellfleet oysterman and videographer Justin Lynch. Taylor Brown, eco-fashion designer and owner of Fisherman’s Daughter in Chatham gave guidance on design options and direction in finding fabric sources. Additional help in the project comes from web consultant Asa Nadeau of Orleans, surf forecaster Dave McLaughlin of Newport, Chris Munz, original founder of the website, contract manufacture Art Rahbar, attorneys Bill Byrnes and Brad Golstein and accountant Stephan McMahon.

Sunday Walk to the Beach

October 20, 2013 walk to the beach:

Harvest Moon at Coast Guard

Harvest Moon at Coast Guard Beach by Scott Criv:

Harvest Moon Coast Guard Beach

Seal Balances on Shark's Nose to Avoid Attack

Necessity is the mother of invention as seal avoids being eaten by a great white by balancing on the shark's nose. Read the details here.

Nauset Surf 'N Music Festival

The Nauset Surf 'N Music Festival takes place this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 26-28 at various locations in Orleans. The festival features surf films and music at the Old Jailhouse Tavern, art exhibit at Addison Gallery, 5K road race and a "ClamBQ". Find details HERE.

Below are two trailers of the many films that will be shown:

Taylor Steele's Here and Now


and, of course, the classic that got it all started, Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer