Possible Swell Around July 10

Update July 6 -  Friday afternoon July 9 and Saturday, July 10th are now looking excellent with chest high waves and offshore wind.There might still be warm water since the offshore isn't too strong and the trunkable surface water may not be blown away. Trunks and clean chest high... doesn't get much better than that (let's not get greedy).

Update July 2 - Then again, maybe not. But there is tropical activity and sooner or later some of it will reach New England.

June 30, 2010 - This summer is off to a typical start with small waves wrapping around from the southwest. This condition looks likely to continue for the next week or so. But there's hope on the horizon in the form of a forecast low pressure system that could be working its way to New England (hopefully just offshore) around July 10. Go to StormSurfing.com to see the animated forecast.



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New England Long Board Classic

May 15, 2010 - The New England Longboard Classic surf contest is scheduled for June 13, 2010 at Nantasket Beach in Hull at 10am.  The contest is advertised as a "low-key, non-ego-motivated gathering of old friends and new, riding longboards (in whatever waves are breaking that day) for good fun. No finals, no pressure, just stoke."  Awards and over $1000 in prizes will be handed out.  The contest is limited to 125 entrants. The entry fee is $25 before June 13th and $40 at the event.  If there are no waves there will be a paddleboard race. The entry fee includes a buffet at the Red Parrot Restaurant (party only fee is $15 prior to June 13th and $20 on contest day).  The first 75 entrants will receive a t-shirt.  A live band will be there too.  Click for Entry Form (print and send via snail mail).

Mavericks Wipes Out Spectators

February 14, 2009 - The Mavericks big wave surfing contest took place yesterday. South African Chris Bertish won the event and $50,000. He is quoted as saying, “I took the worst beating of my life out there.” That's a common refrain from Mavericks surfers. The bigger story to come out of the competition is that a couple of 5-6' waves broke over a man-made jetty and knocked down dozens of spectators. Three people suffered broken bones but fortunately no one was swept out to sea. Locals and Mavericks veterans know that the jetty is an iffy place to hang out when Mavericks is big. Yesterday had wave faces of 40' and more. "It was stupid," said Grant Washburn, a big-wave veteran and an original Mavericks surfer. "It was totally predictable and anyone who knows the spot knows not to put anything on the jetty. Here's more from NBC Sports. See video of the first wave to wash over the jetty here.

Commercializing Mavericks

February 4, 2009 - If you pay the slightest attention to big wave surfing then you've heard of Mavericks, the monster wave that rises up near Half Moon Bay in Northern California. Now a company wants to make a fashion brand out of it. Here's a video from the Wall Street Journal:


Kite Surfer Killed by Sharks in Stuart FL

Updated Feb 5

February 4, 2010 - 38-year-old Stephen Schafer died after receiving multiple bites from sharks while kiteboarding south of Stuart Beach, Florida yesterday. He was 500 yards from shore and hanging onto his board when lifeguard Dan Lund noticed that he wasn't getting up. The lifeguard paddled out to Schafer on a rescue board and found blood in the water and 2-3 sharks circling. Schafer was badly bitten and still conscious. Lund wrapped Schafer in his kite and paddled him back to shore. He later died at a local hospital.  Shark attacks are rare and attacks by a group of sharks are extremely rare. The species of the sharks that attacked him has not yet been determined. Large schools of 100 sharks and more were spotted in the area this morning. 

More on this story:

Dan Lund talks about the incident - YouTube.

Friends post memories and thoughts of Stephen Schafer.


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