Fantastic Summer Weather

We've had fantastic summer weather these first few days of fall. Good breeze yesterday with even better today. Smiles for wind surfers and kite boarders. For those of us who need waves this week is disappointing. Magic Seaweed shows promise for Friday (3.5' with offshore 9 mph). My hopes are pinned to next Tuesday. FNMOC shows nice activity in the Atlantic and is predicting offshore winds. We could finally have some head+ waves with clean conditions. Might even last for a few days in a row! If Cape Cod is Edward Hopper country then the dunes of Truro are its capitol. Hopper painted pictures at his house in those dunes from 1934 to 1967. Amazingly, the view from Hopper's house has remained unchanged since that time. Now a homeowner on an adjoining lot wants to build a 6,500 square foot house. Many say it'll ruin the view and object to the homeowner's plans because they want to preserve what Hopper saw. I agree with Verlin Klinkborg in today's NY Times who writes that what Hopper saw is preserved in his paintings. Klinkborg closes sensibly: "By all means, protect the dunes - as seashore, as open land, as habitat, as a place where other artists and nonartists might come to be moved by their beauty. And protect the Hopper house, too, when it comes to that. But the idea of protecting the content of the artist's gaze for itself is chimerical."