Dec 26 Beach Walk to Pochet Washover

Christmas Day's sunshine has turned into blizzard warnings from Long Island to Maine.  But here on the outer Cape warmer air will mean more rain than snow.  With a well stocked fridge, 3/4 full oil tank, wood stove with wood pile ready for action in case of a power failure and no need to go anywhere other than Allentown PA to visit the in-laws, a heavy 3' load of snow is something I'd rather enjoy. At 9am I took a walk south of Nauset Beach to the washover where, more and more often, high tide and high seas on the Atlantic coast cross over into Pochet Inlet and Pleasant Bay.  The wooden bones of an old wreck have recently emerged from the sand there. You can see that the planks were joined to the ribs by wooden dowels. There's no evidence of screws or any other metal fasteners. Well worth a visit ( This is a different wreck than one that was reported a few weeks ago - that wreck is another mile or so south and is only visible at low tide) .

There's much evidence of beach erosion already and winter has just begun.  I wonder how many years it will be before the beach disappears altogether.

One of the most surprising things I saw on my walk were tracks from a hominid walking barefoot.  Someone has numb toes this morning.